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About Our Farm

Our farming journey started in Washburn, WI in 2017. We bought a former hunting cabin in the woods overgrown with buckthorn, tansy, reed canary grass, and blackberry brambles. We bought a few goats, in part for that sweet, homemade goat cheese, but also to help with managing this overgrowth. They quickly helped us turn our dense monoculture of tansy into a vegetable garden and clear our steep clay ravine of brambles. 

It was quite clear to us that goats could be an important tool in ecological land management and a reliable leg of a diversified farm operation. Then the opportunity came for us to upgrade from our little homestead in the woods to a larger, 80 acre farm in Poplar, WI in 2022. The genesis of Drifty Acres.

We now can offer our grazing services to Douglas County and the greater Duluth area. And on farm, we are focusing on reviving our DENSE clay soils for garden and orchard production. We are utilizing pasturing many different livestock species, chickens, ducks, sheep, and pigs, to add organic matter and nutrients. We provide a mineral buffet for our grazers so they can pick and choose which minerals they are not getting from our pasture, so they can cycle them back into our soils. 

We have many dreams and visions for our little farm but we are focused on taking it step by step, building things from the ground up. As excited as we are to grow food for our community, we prioritize doing everything with as few chemical and fossil fuel inputs as possible and that takes time and patience. But we hope you tag along for the ride and maybe some day you will be able to pick some fruit from our food forest, enjoy a picnic in our silvopasture, and meet some charming goats.  

Jake and Brigid

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