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Harvest Boxes

Pork, lamb, goat, chicken, and turkey all right from our farm in Poplar, conveniently packaged in five boxes

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Harvest Boxes: Welcome

Our Harvest Box subscriptions include 5 boxes delivered every other week from mid October to mid December.

Our full subscription ($1,000) comes with 10 pounds of meat (pork, lamb, goat), plus a whole chicken, plus seasonal goodies in each box. In addition to all this, for our Thanksgiving Box you will get a whole turkey and for our Christmas Box you will get your choice of a whole ham or leg of lamb. Ideal for families.

Our half subscription ($600) is ideal for couples, individuals, or families who just want to try our boxes. The half subscription still includes a whole turkey for Thanksgiving, a whole ham or leg of lamb for Christmas, and all of the seasonal goodies. But each box will only have 5 pounds of meat (pork, lamb, and goat).

We are still deciding how/when deliveries will be. This will based off where our customers are located and what days work best for them. If for some reason you sign up and get your deposit in but we cannot find a delivery option that works for you, your deposit will be returned in full.

We have been selling the highest quality farm raised meat for years but this is our first year putting together these boxes. We WILL be spoiling everyone with amount you will be getting in each box. You don't want to miss out on this opportunity. Please fill out our form below to sign up.

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