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Goat Rental: Welcome

Regenerative Ruminants is the prescribed grazing service of Northern Wisconsin. Our flerd of goats and sheep are land managers who specialize in brush clearing, pasture improvement, and invasive species control. A natural alternative to herbicide that benefits soil and can increase biodiversity.  

If you can't beat em', eat em'!

Goat Rental: About Us

Why goats?

Opportunistic plant species become a problem without natural ecological controls such as fire, wildlife, and native plant competition. Prescribed grazers are happy to be the biocontrol mechanism you are looking for.

Goat Rental: About

How it works?

Step 1: Fill out our contact form

Contact Form 

Step 2: Site Assessment

We will schedule a free visit to your site so we can discuss your management goals and design a restoration plan

Step 3: Here come the grazers!

We will set up temporary solar powered electric pens to contain the grazers while they do their job. Expect to see us humans on site daily to provide water, check on animals, and monitor progress.

We usually recommend re-grazing the same area multiple times in a season. Some folks may want to set up a multi-year prescribed grazing plan.​

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Goat Rental: About
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